Who We Are

We are an integrated Experience Management Company birthed by a convergence of passions for two different yet very complementary professional pursuits – Learning & Development and Event Management.

Where We Can Help

  • Product Launch connecting your customers to your product

  • Training Class connecting learners to concepts, ideas, and possible real life application

  • Family Reunions helping family members reconnect to each other and to their distinct heritage or values

  • Industry conferences, connecting professionals to colleagues and the industry they serve

  • Team building events connecting participants to each other and creating the platform for future productive connections

  • Religious conferences connecting members of a community of faith to God and each other

Our Service Model

Experience Management

This is our total package end-to-end service where you get the full benefit of our suite of expertise. In this service model, we commit to working with you from event conceptualisation through to delivery and post-event review.

Event Management

In this service model, we focus strictly on the “Events” end of the spectrum. We partner with you and your identified “Content” experts to create the best atmosphere for your guests to connect with your experience.

Meeting Management

This is the service model where you contract us to deliver on the “Content” part of your event while working with your Event Manager for optimal results.

Consulting & Advisory

Under this service model, we support your event execution by gaining a clear understanding of what you want to see at the end of the day and ensuring that all the parts you have so carefully set up indeed achieve this purpose.

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