GARY WINTER Strategic Partner

Prior to joining Glowinkowski International in 2005, Gary was a Director of People Skills International the UK, Africa, and Australian affiliate of Psychological Associates, one of USA’s leading business behavioral consultancy. With a 50 year pedigree Psychological Associates provided business leaders and their employees a range of business processes and tools to develop their behavioral interpersonal skills and deliver improved business

Gary is an agile and highly cultivated visionary leader with exceptional strategic development skills. Gary has developed a powerful understanding of leadership for business and education, performance management and coaching.

Gary has implemented and managed the entire programme delivery for the Lloyds TSB Regulated Sales Area both at Sales Managers and Sales person level during 2007/8. He managed significant transformation programme in the South African Revenue Society (SARS), which involved coaching and mentoring 540 South African employees. Established the SARS Academy for all Managers to improve their performance and take responsibility for their own development and learning.

He has also facilitated a 60 strong team of professionals from different expert disciplines in Mumbai, acting as a recovery team for the Indian arm of a UK bank. Gary is a highly skilled facilitator and coach and has worked with
numerous other organisations including Westland helicopters, Asda Wal-Mart, SARS, Eskom, Specialist Skills Academic Trust, Standard Chartered Bank and Alliance and Leicester bank.

In Nigeria, he has led leadership development initiatives in NB PLC, Sahara Energy, Addax Petroleum, NLNG, LBS amongst others