Who We Are

SimplyUn4gettable is an integrated Experience Management Company birthed by a convergence of passions for two different yet very complementary professional pursuits – Learning & Development and Event Management

At SimplyUn4gettable, We aim to be the partner of choice when discerning organisations and individuals want to create memorable connections.

Here are a few examples of where we can help:

  • A Training Class connecting learners to concepts, ideas, and possible real life application.
  • A Product Launch connecting your customers to your product.
  • A team building event connecting participants to each other and creates the platform for future productive connections.
  • Industry conferences, connecting professionals to colleagues and the industry they serve.
  • A religious conference connecting members of a community of faith to God and each other.
  • Family Reunions helping family members reconnect to each other and to their distinct heritage or values.


The combination of our Event Management & Learning Management capabilities enables us to take a unique results-focused approach to “Event” Management. We combine an uncluttered elegance, with a thoughtful, cerebral outlook in the appropriate proportions required to meet the objectives for your event, meeting or experience. Add to that our firm belief that life and business are incomplete without that splash of colour called fun or pleasure…and Voila, you have the SimplyUn4gettable Experience.

Our access to expertise in designing and implementing specialty interventions, conferences & meetings as well as Corporate Learning, Development & Human Resources Management empowers us to stand alongside clients in a special way.

Our Strong learning management capabilities enable us design, develop and facilitate the delivery of content / material that drive key connections, while solid event management skills help us create the appropriate atmosphere for these connections.

Our execution strategy incorporates proven methodologies, extremely qualified personnel, and a deep sense of respect for our clients and partners.

And of course, we enjoy what we do and always aim to ensure that you do too.